Women Rewrite Vikipedi*

  • 04 Mart 2016 09:32
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Women Rewrite Vikipedi*

Women update Vikipedi through social gender equality angle in the week of March 8, International Women’s Day.

According to a research in 2010, 91.5% of Wikipedia writers are men whereas only 8.5% are women.

Art+Feminism formation starting off on purpose of balancing current gender inequality, support the content on women and/or content provided by women on Vikipedi, the “Free Encyclopedia that everyone can contribute”, carries its initiative aiming to increase visibility of women “editing marathon” Edit-a-thorn (editation) organized in 75 venues from 17 countries to İstanbul on March 5, Saturday.

Women’s efforts to update Vikipedi database continue in the festival organized by Uçan Süpürge (Flying Broom) in Ankara on March 7.

“Editation” in İstanbul

The event to be organized by architect and editor Yağmur Yıldırım in Space Debris, “all-purpose art venue within frame of fluxus/happenings” in Karaköy district.

In the “editing marathon” of one day, both increase in woman content and attention to be drawn on the issue by doing entry input and editing with the support and instruction of Wikimedia Turkey is being targeted.

The event invites contents and participants of all sexes and sexual orientations. The participants who are asked to bring their computers, are expected to contribute in subjects such as women and art, women movement, feminist thought.

The space is open to everyone with its round table chatting to be held with artists, curators, writers, thinkers; live broadcast with concurrent central event in New York MoMA; and the discussion environment aimed to be created.

Organized in 17 countries

Over 1,500 participants gathering in 75 venues from 17 countries have generated around 400 new subjects and improved over current subjects in events of Art+Feminism in 2015.  

2016 editaton will take place over 125 venues among which are University oıf Yale, Tate Britain, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Philadelphia Museum of Art Library, Washington National Museum of Women in the Arts, Paris Archives Nationales, Mexico City Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo.

“We Write of Women on Vikipedi” act in Ankara

The event “We Write of Women on Vikipedi” organized independently from Art+Feminism, is being organized with cooperation of Finnish Embassy and Cer Modern of Flying Broom Women Communication and Research Association.

The participants will write of women who labored, left a mark in various subjects (literature, architecture, politics, information technologies, science, advocacy) in Vikipedi, and add fresh new subjects.

The event is open for everyone willing to write of women in the virtual encyclopedia.

The participants are expected to sign up by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

The event will take place in Cer Modern, Altınsoy street, No. 3 on March 7, Monday at 6 p.m. (ÇT/TK)

* Vikipedi is Turkish language edition of Wikipedia

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